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  1. VTA Bodies, Rims and Tires
  2. VTA = Flashbacks to Racing The T-Spec Class
  4. Novak Edge ESC and 25.5T Brushless Combo
  5. Just finsihed the body!
  6. Novak 25.5T Club Combo
  7. Traction Compound or (Juicing the Tires)
  8. VTA Keeps on Growing
  9. Track layout thought.
  10. Thoughts on a possible gear rule.
  11. VTA questions
  12. Gearing on tc4
  13. Data on gear ratio that I have got.
  14. VTA Tech
  15. Got the VTA ready for this weekend if the rain holds out.
  16. Good Turn out and Clean Racing in VTA
  17. VTA - HPI Sprint 2 Gear Ratio
  18. VTA Is Growing Again
  19. VTA STill Growing at Hobby Central