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  1. Now That You're Racing

    If you are new to rc racing there are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Your number one goal should be to have FUN. If you're not having fun, something is wrong.
    • your second goal should be to finish a race. Not win a race - finish a race. You can't win if you don't finish.
    • One trick won't cost you a penny and will actually save you money and everyone can do this. Slow down. In racing slower is faster. If you keep your car at a speed where you can control it and look at what's happening
  2. Hobby Central On-Road Racing Sunday October 16th

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    The weather is supposed to be Sunny, 86 hi, 57% humidity, 8mph winds, 0% chance of raing. Sounds like a great day to race. Race time is noon, but that means setup and signup at noon. I will be out there no later than 11am to start setting up. Brad is bringing hose for the layout.

    Right now the classes are:
    Nitro Touring
    Mini Sprint
    Run what ya brung (those with trucks, buggies etc.)

    If you plan on having another class such as pan
  3. Hobby Central Held 1st On-road Races in Years

    Well, we held our first on-road races at Hobby Central at our new location at 6601 N. Davis Hwy, Pensacola. We haven't held a race since we left univesity Mall 4 years ago. We had a pretty good turnout and it has created a lot of interest. Several racers of the past have come out of the woodwork and are thinking of coming back out. We also have a lot of new racers of all ages. It was a lot of fun. The weather was great - sunny but not hot. There were four classes: touring car, VTA, Mini Sprint ...
  4. We Have Several Used RC Vehicles at the Pensacola Store

    We have posted images of some of the used vehicles we have at the Pensacola store. They are in the album section of the forums. Go to Forum, click on community and then albums. You can also post your own photo albums there. Show off what ya got LOL.

    Hobby Central
  5. Baby Ringmster Pt

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    I'm building a couple more Baby Ringmaster PT models. Hobby Central CNC cuts the Baby ringmaster as a kit. The PT version is the solid balsa wing and so it is a quick and easy build. I have experimented with different engine mounts, including a triangular stock mount and the Brodak plastic mount. I built and flown both Cox powered and electric powered versions. The Baby Ringmaster is a good first control line project. It is easy to build and flys great on Dacron lines.
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