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USVTA Vintage Trans AM Racing

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The VTA class is probably the second largest racing class at Hobby Central. The original intent at Hobby Central was to keep the VTA class pure by enforcing the USVTA rules which are the strictest, but most popular rules. But, we've ran into several problems with sticking to the rules. USVTA only allows one motor (Novak 25.5T Brushless) and one set of tires (HPI Vintage treaded compound D's). If either of these manufacturers cannot supply the demand for their products it hurts the class. When we started Novak could not supply the motors. HPI has been unable to supply Compound D's for the last two months and doesn't expect to get any more until March. Hopefully that will only impact one more race before the tires become available again. I made a command decision today and told a racer that he could use X-patterns until the vintage tires become available. It was either that or tell him that he could not race in the class. I also told him that I would not allow foams to be used in the VTA class. Sometimes we have to be flexible to either establish a class or to keep an existing class going. But, we also have to try and enforce the rules or there is no point in having a spec class. Racers that are thinking about joining a class or are building a racer for a class need to try and build the car within the specs of the class. If we allow a rules change like the tires, it needs to be one that we can all live with. I really think we need to have an optional tire for the VTA class that can be used only when the correct tires are unavailable. My suggestion would be either x-patterns or Vintage Slicks if they are available. We would really like to hear what VTA racers have to say?


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  1. buckshot's Avatar
    heard today that vta tire will be back in stock in stores by mid march
  2. admin's Avatar
    I have a bunch on back order and they've been indicating mid March since December. Hopefully we will get some of them.
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