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Military racing in Afghanistan

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Military racing in Afghanistan
I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and see several Soldiers over here with RC Cars. I am not sure what type or models they have. I would like to organize some races over here but not sure how it would all be done. I would like to know if Hobby Central would be interested in Sponsoring this and maybe starting something that can be good for morale here and business there. I am open to suggestions and ideas. I am new to the sport myself so this would be a first for me. I was thinking since it is over here it would have to be like a Run what you Brung type class. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Tina's Hooker's Avatar
    That's so awesome that y'all get to play over there. As far as racing goes, if ya new style controllers they should have timers in them and if not mistaken you should be able to get lap times with them.
    Post some pics if you can.
  2. admin's Avatar
    A quick and dirty way to start up a racing program is to run a simple oval. You can add jumps to it if you want. count laps manually, either with a pencil and paper or using golf clickers. Make a start/finish line and blow a whistle or horn to start and finish the race. Make your races 5 mins long so that it doesn't get tiring counting the laps. Usuall you run 2 qualifying races and one main and only the main counts. There are free lap counting programs that you can download and use with a laptop. To create the oval just run a lenght of hose/pipe/2x4's down the center anywhere from 30-100' (adjust it to how much room you have). Have half of your racers turn marshal (flip overturned trucks) and the other half race for 5 mins and then switch em out.

    For those of you wondering - I already answered this via pm and I thought I would put a public post up for anyone else trying to set up a simple racing program.
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